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Apple does not fall far…

My oldest daughter, Nikki, is a very talented artist too!  I do folk art and crafts and she is more a fine artist. 

This is a fantastic painting that she did for her school up in Oregon.

Painting that Nikki did for School

Painting that Nikki did for School


Welcome to my new crafting projects site.

I’ll soon be adding info, tips, project details and photos.  and addng more content soon

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The Pixies

Poem by The English poet Nora Chesson

Have e’er you seen the Pixies, the fold not blest or banned?
They walk upon the waters; they sail upon the land,
They make the green grass greener where’er their footsteps fall,
The wildest hind in the forest comes at their call.

They steal from bolted linneys, they milk the key at grass,
The maids are kissed a-milking, and no one hears them pass.
They flit from byre to stable and ride unbroken foals,
They seek out human lovers to win them souls.

The Pixies know no sorrow, the Pixies feel no fear,
They take no care for harvest or seedtime of the year;
Age lays no finger on them, the reaper time goes by
The Pixies, they who change not, grow old or die.

The Pixies though they love us, behold us pass away,
And are not sad for flowers they gathered yesterday,
To-day has crimson foxglove.
If purple hose-in-hose withered last night
To-morrow will have its rose.